Alabama Paper Products

According to a Bloomberg Businessweek company overview, Alabama Paper Products, LLC was established in 2001 as a subsidiary of Maryland Paper Company, L.P. The facility is home to a recycling mill that predominantly produces dry felt – a component of roofing underlays- from recycled cardboard and newspapers (1).… Read the rest

Black Warrior Brewing Company

Black Warrior Brewing Company is a Tuscaloosa community staple of craft brewing in Alabama. The warm and soothing ambience combined with a rugged yet simple restaurant character compliment the potent while still smooth flavor of their house crafted brews. Roughly five years ago in 2008, current owners and partners decided to hone their home brewing master craft and fashion a brewery in the heart of downtown Tuscaloosa.… Read the rest

Dreamland Bar-B-Que

John “Big Daddy” Bishop built the original Dreamland Bar-B-Que with his own hands in 1958. He previously worked with concrete and bricks for B.F. Goodrich, but wanted to create a new business to supply a greater income from his family (1).… Read the rest

Rumsey Environmental



Rumsey dumpsters dot the Tuscaloosa landscape, servicing

restaurants on the Strip to apartment complexes throughout the city. Rumsey Environmental came to Tuscaloosa in 2003 as a commercial and residential waste removal business providing dumpsters, containers and storage units. It has since expanded into the portable toilet and industrial recycling markets.… Read the rest



Gary M. Kusin and James McCurry founded GameStop, which was originally a software retailer called Babbage’s. It was named Babbage’s after Charles Babbage who is known for coming up with the concept of the computer. The company changed its name after becoming more specialized in gaming software to the name GameStop as it is known now.… Read the rest

Nucor Steel










Nucor Steel came to Tuscaloosa Alabama in 2004. That year, they bought out, Corus Steel for $90 million. A British company, Corus Group, originally owned Corus Steel Company, but they were struggling financially and at the time Nucor Steel owned other locations in Alabama which were in Birmingham and Decatur.… Read the rest

Alabama Paper Products

Tuscaloosa’s Alabama Paper Products, a subsidiary of Maryland Paper Products, opened its doors in November of 2002 after a “fast-tracked” (2) construction process, only taking a single year from breaking ground to completion (2).  Maryland Paper Products and its subsidiaries synthesize 100 percent post-consumer cellulose waste into paper, and sell it to companies that produce industrial paper products such as dry felt (used for roofing under-layers), insulation facing, high-strength pallets, and a 100 percent biodegradable industrial-strength paper product called RHIMAX® (3). … Read the rest

Exterior of DCH hospital in 2014

DCH Regional Medical Center

As the city of Tuscaloosa grew, especially with the exponential enrollment at the University of Alabama, throughout the early 1900s, it became evident that a larger medical center would soon be needed. In 1916 the city of Tuscaloosa had a 12-bed clinic named the Druid City Infirmary, after an old nickname for the city of Tuscaloosa.… Read the rest


Tuscaloosa Environmental Digital Project: McDonald’s

The United States experienced major cultural changes after World War II ended. An era of infrastructure development dawned in the United States; in 1956 President Eisenhower created the interstate highway system for civilian travel and military applications, widespread suburbanization occurred, and the fast food industry was created.… Read the rest

Hanna Steel Corporation

Hanna Steel Corporation, located in Northport, Alabama, is a facility that produces steel tubing between ½ square inch and 10 square inches in a variety of shapes. These steel tubes have a variety of applications, from office furniture and water heater tubes to vehicle axles and conveyor tubing.… Read the rest